Welcome to the Podcast Panel!

Are you a podcaster, writer, sound engineer, actor, or just a fan of all things audio? We’re here to talk about podcasting and to create an accessible community to anyone and everyone who is interested in podcasting.

The Podcast Panel is a recurring livestream video event where a rotating panel of podcasters (whether just starting out or seasoned audio experts) talk about the issues that affect our industry and our craft. The panelists and moderators are people from different backgrounds, privileges, and experiences. We believe our participants should reflect the diversity of our community. We commit to including people of various races, abilities, classes, genders, nationalities, etc to contribute to this community effort. We plan to discuss community building, sound design, how to interview, marketing your podcast, and more.

We believe in providing free, nuanced, and inclusive commentary and resources to our community. If you have any ideas or questions, please feel free to reach out!

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Podcasting 101: Voice Acting

Audio Drama Production requires a lot of players—producers, writers, directors, editors, sound engineers—but listeners’ first and primary interactions are with the voice actors. Anyone with a decent recording setup can be a voice actor. In fact, most prolific voice actors, such as Julia Schifini (Tides, Join the Party, Spirits), are amateurs, and many start out … Continue reading Podcasting 101: Voice Acting

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